EMC Insignia's Retrospect is an award-winning software product that protects millions of computers worldwide by providing best-in-class data protection for servers, desktops, notebooks, and business-critical applications. Patented technology makes Retrospect easy to administer and delivers fast, reliable backups with smart restores. Customers using Retrospect include small and midsize businesses, distributed enterprises, as well as home and home offices

        Retrospect  7.5 Professional
                 Retrospect  7.5 Professional Upgrade
                 Retrospect Small Business Server 7.5 Standard
                 Retrospect  7.5 Client 1-pack
                 Retrospect  7.5 Client 1-pack Upgrade
                 Retrospect  7.5 Client 5-pack 
                 Retrospect  7.5 Client 10-pack Upgrade



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