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customers communicate and connect effectively. Pinnacle helps companies from beginner to broadcast create, enhance and share video. With products ranging from consumer home video editing and DVD authoring software to broadcast servers and news production solutions, Pinnacle Systems has won nine Emmy Awards for its work in transitioning video to computer-based production.

Pinnacle Products

Pinnacle Studio 11

Pinnacle Studio 11 500-USB

Pinnacle Studio 11 500-PCI

Pinnacle Studio Plus 11

Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 700-USB

Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 700-PCI

Pinnacle Studio Media Suite 10.0

Pinnacle Studio 10.5 Plus Titanium Edition

Pinnacle Systems

Dazzle Video Creator Platinum

Dazzle USB 2.0 DVD Recorder

Dazzle  DVC 150 USB

Avid Liquid 7


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