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                                                        Recent Iomega Certification Elevates BackupAssist to Challenge Industry Giants

An Australian company has entered the exclusive list of backup software products certified for use with Iomega's REV drive technology - sounding a challenge to industry giants Veritas, Computer Associates and EMC Dantz.


…the affordable Australian backup software taking the SMB market by storm

BackupAssist contains the essential features for a secure backup system, like automatic scheduled backups, open file backup, online Exchange and SQL Server backup, industry-standard rotation schemes and daily email reminders.

 Super-fast setup in under 7 minutes

       Simple to use for administrators and clients

       Automatic scheduling and daily email reminders make media rotation simple

   Easily affordable for smaller clients who can save 78% over heavily marketed brands.

If you've ever struggled to get a client to purchase expensive server backup software, this backup software is for you.

BackupAssist makes backups and data protection simple by performing automatic, scheduled backups of Windows Servers.

With solutions for both local and Internet-based backup, the ability to back up everything from individual files to complete servers (including Active Directory, Exchange and SQL) – both physical and virtual – and support for a wide range of backup devices.

 BackupAssist is unmatched for its flexibility and versatility.

Now, with sales in 93 countries, BackupAssist is the pre-eminent backup software package of choice for thousands of businesses, schools, governments and non-profits

  SQL Add-On
BackupAssist’s SQL Backup Engine allows you to backup SQL Servers with a choice of either daily backups or near-continuous backups (every 15 minutes), and backing up specific databases or complete servers.
And with a Restore Wizard that makes database recovery simple, BackupAssist is a great way of protecting your databases and the applications that sit on top of SQL Server

Open File Add-On

By enhancing the functionality of NTBackup, the standard license of BackupAssist is able to backup all files that are not exclusively locked on Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and SBS. This method is also utilized for backing up data on network shares, where snapshot technology cannot be applied. Both Snapshot technology and Conventional File Copy can be used together with BackupAssist to ensure that you have complete open file data protection. The two technologies act to cover the range of open file backup requirements that small and medium businesses may have, as well even supporting more larger enterprise organizations

Exchange Mail Box Add-On
With the Exchange Mailbox Add-on you can achieve brick-level backups of your Microsoft Exchange Server, including public folders. This allows for simple and rapid restoration of individual or group emails, calendars, tasks, notes, contacts or entire mailboxes.

Zip to Tape Add-On
BackupAssist Zip-To-Tape Add-on also provides ZIP support for backup to tape drives. For those looking for an easy, cost-effective replacement for NTBackup in Windows Server 2008, it’s a great solution that helps you continue to maximize your investment in tape drive hardware.

 Rsync Internet Backup
Easily achieve fully automated, set-and-forget and secure offsite backups using the proven and popular Rsync protocol. Rsync backups are perfect as an extra layer of data protection in addition to backing up locally for Disaster Recovery.
Combined with BackupAssist’s easy to configure UI, powerful email reporting and VSS support, BackupAssist allows you to take advantage of the world’s most widely deployed in-file delta remote backup protocol in an easy-to-use Windows based application

Tape Drive support for Server 2008
Microsoft has left tape drive support out of their new release Windows operating systems, but this is no indication that tape is no longer useful as a backup media. Rather, Microsoft’s decision was a by-product of their attempt to divert focus away from data backup to imaging for server recovery, which had always been a sore point in their operating systems. This move has left a void in data backup and long term data retention.
Even today, tape is still considered the most reliable and cost-effective option for long-term data retention and archiving. A 2008 study showed that storing 1TB of data on disk cost 23 times more and used 290 times more energy, than storing it on tape, with other studies confirming much the same. Being able to store data for periods of longer than seven years is vital to most companies, because of the legal compliance laws and regulations with regard to business data retention in most Western countries.
What’s more, according to the tape manufacturers, there has been no apparent decrease in tape sales in the last few years since Microsoft released Server 2008, SBS 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 without NTBackup included. And during this time, tape manufacturers have continued to improve the data transfer speeds, durability and storability of tape, which indicates they anticipate tape will be around for quite some time to come.

Hyper-V Granular Backup and Restore
BackupAssist features 'granular restore technology', which simplifies Hyper-V backup by allowing you to create just one VHD image backup of the Host and use it to retrieve files and documents from any Guest Virtual Machine on that Host. And the BackupAssist VM Granular Restore Console makes the whole process of Hyper-V backup and restore amazingly simple. It's a solution that will save you time, disk space and money

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